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It is almost a year since CrossValidated was launched. Today we start a new activity at CrossValidated — a community blog. It is the fourth (after the main site, meta and chat) place for getting in touch with the community and contributing to it.

To get started, we plan to post series of posts about the following topics:

  • Question of the Week Each week there will be a survey on meta in which the users will nominate and elect some recent splendid question — then we’ll ask the author of best answer either to elaborate a bit, write some summary of the whole thread, start a miniseries of posts inspired by the QoW or do something else in this manner.
  • Journal Club report There will be some summary of the each JC chat. While the JC has a summer break currently, you can expect some summaries of archived chats.
  • R tips&tricks We can not ignore our most popular tag. Hopefully we would manage to attract some people from R community on SO to participate here.
  • Challenge alert Announcements (with some introduction) of machine learning or data mining challenges.
This place is mainly devoted to general posts about the whole data science: news, novel methods, algorithms and plots, good and bad practices, interesting data or problems — you name it.

Finally the most important thing: remember that this is your place. Anyone can write a post here — just visit Skewed distribution — blog’s chat room and ask for an author account or maybe just suggest some topic or share your critic. We are open to any idea and we hope we’ll manage to make it an useful and avid place for the community.

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  • Tal Galili says:

    Wonderful news on the new blog.

    If you might create an R category for the site, and would be interested, I’d be very happy to add it to R-bloggers.com

    Cheers, Tal

  • steffen says:

    Let’s get it started, ha, let’s get it started, in here I am looking forward to the first article 🙂

  • says:

    @Tal, the R category for the site is this one: http://stats.blogoverflow.com/category/r-tipstricks/. In the following weeks we should have few blog posts on R guis.

  • Tal Galili says:

    Thanks mpiktas, Could you please fill in the details in: (especially for future copyright issues, and to know who to e-mail with) http://www.r-bloggers.com/add-your-blog/

    I am sure this blog would be an amazing addition to R-bloggers (!)

    p.s: consider adding the “subscribe to comments” plugin.

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