An open call to participation for the Cross Validated Journal Club

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One of the community projects we have started at Cross Validated is a journal club. The journal club is mainly intended to engage the community in general discussion related to really any statistical material (either theoretical or applied). In a meta thread we subsequently propose papers (that are publicly available), and then once enough community interest seems to be in place we set a time and invite the author of the article to come and join us in chat.

Because statistical methods are applied to such a wide array of topics, there is really an expansive set of topics the journal club can cover. For prior discussions, one can peruse the journal club tag on the CV meta site, but for a quick round-up here are a few example discussions so far;

I’d like here to encourage both regular cross-validated members and passer-bys from other communities to propose material. In particular, I’d like to note that the proposed material need not be advanced statistical methodology. In fact we probably get more lively discussions when the material is basic enough to allow a wide array of individuals with varying backgrounds to understand the material and participate in general discussion.

So stop on by the current proposal, the seventh Cross Validated journal club, and either vote up the current proposal or propose some more material to discuss!

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